Disabled Queue Not Really Disabled


I upgraded from 4.4.1 to 4.4.3.
Everything looks good except for a disabled queue which shows as “#14” in the drop down menu “New ticket in” in “RT at a glance”.

This, I discovered, is the queue ID. If I add “Quick ticket creation” from “Customize RT at a glance”, the queue ID shows too.

In my Settings -> Preferences -> General -> Default queue, the queue was set to the name of the disabled queue (SASD, #14). If I change to another queue for default it no longer shows the queue ID under “New ticket in”. Other users were not affected as their default queue was different.

However, I can Search -> Tickets -> New Search: “Queue is”, go Advanced -> Edit Query and change the queue name to the disabled queue (SASD, #14) and still search the queue.
This occurs across multiple users, privileged and admin.

I cannot search any other disabled queues. No other disabled queues, even after enabling and disabling again show their respective queue IDs under “New ticket in”.

I’m stumped, what caused this?
Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you.