Disable change queue for all users

Hello guys!

I want to disable change queue ability for all users. for example I don’t want anyone to forward ticket from queue “sales” to queue “support”. is there a way to do that?

thanks in advance

If the users have ModifyTicket rights in the for a ticket, the ModifyTicket rights documentation says that they also need SeeQueue and CreateTicket rights in the destination queue in order to move a ticket. If they have those rights, then it looks like they be able to move tickets.

The granularity of what ModifyTicket right lets people do is something I’ve mentioned before.

I guess if you wanted them to have ModifyTicket rights for other purposes but ban queue changing you could make a local copy of /opt/rt4/lib/RT/Ticket.pm and then tweak the SetQueue function to require more than just ModifyTicket (ie check if they are an admin, in a group of people allowed to set the queues, etc).

many thanks but this solution isn’t working! if I disable ModifyTicket rights I cann’t change tickets queue but the problem is I want to have change status right and by disabling ModifyTicket I am not capable of changing ticket status. any idea?

Did you modify /opt/rt4/lib/RT/Ticket.pm to require more than just ModifyTicket in the SetQueue function? What happened?