Digest and Date

I’m trying to make RT mail out a digest to list watchers every evening,
rather than dump a load of email on them.

It’s pretty easy to do, assuming I create and maintain a list of who is
AdminCC on which list, but it means adding people in the system, and keeping
them on a seperate config list.

As far as I can tell, the rt command line tool doesn’t have a way of
querying this in the summary.

You can update it, but can’t actually query it as far as I can tell.
Therefore I ask one of two things.

  1. Is there an existing digest module that I can, uhhh, liberate :wink:
  2. Is there a way of querying queue watchers from the command line?

Also, I’ve modified Date.pm to accept dates in the format /dd/mm/yy[yy] if
anyone’s interested.


Ecce Potestas Casei

Ecce Potestas Casei