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Hello, do they have any tools for developing, debugging, and finding bugs in RT? I would like to edit some things in the RT or correct some errors, but I do not know how to debug RT or trace. What tools do you use? Thank you

Mostly the web server logs. If the normal level of logging doesn’t show up the issues, I turn the debug options on in and maybe even slip in some extra debugging statements in a local copy of the affected script.

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How can I trace behavior inside the affected script?

By reading through the script logic and then putting debugging statements in as required to log variables of interest until you home in on the function with the bug. This is the same way most web based applications are debugged - its not an RT specific thing.

How can I perl script simply write to the RT debug log? In I have this set.

Set($LogToSyslog, “debug”);
Set($LogToFileNamed, ‘rt.log’);
Set($LogDir, ‘/opt/rt4/var/log’);

Thank you