Dereferencing Bug in


I believe there is a bug in Cc handling. This is from (line 39

if ( $arg =~ /\bCc\b/ ) {

#If we have a To, make the Ccs, Ccs, otherwise, promote them to To
if (@To) {
    push ( @Cc, @{ $self->TicketObj->Cc->Emails } );
    push ( @Cc, @{ $self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Cc->Emails } );
else {
    push ( @Cc, @{ $self->TicketObj->CcAsString } );
    push ( @To, @{ $self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Cc->Emails } );


However, the method Ticket->CcAsString (which calls on
Watchers->EmailsAsString) does not return an Array reference but rather
a plain String. Dereferencing it in the above way means that the @Cc
array does not receive any content and no Cc’s are sent.

I’m a bit leery of my own finding, since this seems a fairly basic error
which I would expect to come up very often in normal usage and which
would therefore have been spotted before. But using the default
installation leads to the error for me (no Cc’s are sent), whereas
removing the dereferencing like this:
else {
push ( @Cc, $self->TicketObj->CcAsString );
push ( @To, @{ $self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Cc->Emails } );
seems to solve the problem.

Am I on the wrong track here?



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