Dell Kace K1000 Service Desk = RT?

We’ve been RT users for many, many years and are still using it today with great success. We recently acquired a Dell Kace K1000 appliance for inventory/systems management/etc and it comes bundled with a Service Desk tool that upon initial inspection seems to be an embedded version of RT. Can anyone confirm or deny that this is the case, and more importantly, does anyone have any experience with migrating an existing installation of RT over to this tool? We’re going to give it a whirl and will try to document our experiences if successful, but any head start information would be greatly appreciated. We’d very much like to transfer our historical information and current config over if it’s at all possible.


Does your appliance have the same REST-API as RT?

You probably won’t get access to the underlying webserver / db for migrating your data, but via REST you would be able to atleast replicate tickets to the appliance.

Looking through the docs, it appears there is very limited REST support but most references do not mention the Service Desk module. I’ll keep digging.