Deleting tickets (for real)

I know that RT is a self-proclaimed pack-rat, and that database integrity
rules dictate that just disabling a object is preferable to deleting it.
However, given that A) spam, and B) unwanted tickets with large
attachments sometimes make their way into our queues, I’m interested in
finding out what’s involved in deleting tickets for good - removing them
from the database. (Let me pre-emptively also say that we’re already
aware of spam filtering options for RT.)

The RT3 docs imply that imparting a status of “deleted” to a ticket is
something one should do when the ticket shouldn’t have been there in the
first place, and so I’m hoping that the schema is set up such that these
unwanted tickets can be DELETEd atomically, without any negative effect on
the rest of the database. From the docs, one might even think this
functionality has been written already, but I see no signs of usage info.

I see that this was discussed with RT2 and that some contrib code was
developed at some point, so it may just be a matter of time before the
same catches up to RT3 – I’m happy to be a part of that effort. Anyway,
I thought I’d pursue it a bit and see what others are doing or would like
to do about this issue.

Any thoughts?