Deleting 'spam' tickets


We are using RT 2.0.13. Most of our tickets in our ticketing
databases are a result of spam messages generating tickets.
Fortunately, those get filtered to another queue where they await
approval so we don’t see them… However, I feel like they are slowing
down our ticketing system as there are hundreds of real tickets to
thousands of spam generated tickets.

It was proposed that we manually go into our postgresql database and
remove the tickets in question. My questions: Would removing
(permanently) these tickets be possible, would it adversely effect RT
somehow that the ticket no longer exists, and would RT reuse those
ticket numbers at all?

Thanks for your time!


P.S. We are thinking of reworking our system so that submissions marked
as spam get held in a approval-only mailman list so they don’t generate
tickets until they are approved by someone.