Delete mail-loop tickets RT3.8, rt-shredder limits

I have one specific RT Ticket (#45797) which got caught in a mail-loop w/an external auto-responder. Before I managed to kill it, I guess it got up to a couple thousand (sigh) back-and-forth (yah, it was ugly.) I’m still at RT 3.8.10, CentOS 5.9, x86-64, MySQL 5.0.95, and am willing to go through the work of updating to .17 if required.

Is it better to manipulate rt-shredder and up its DependenciesLimit or delete manually from database:
2888 = SELECT COUNT( FROM Transactions WHERE Transactions.ObjectId = 45797 AND Transactions.ObjectType = ‘RT::Ticket’;

14172 = SELECT COUNT( FROM Attachments JOIN Transactions ON Attachments.TransactionId = WHERE Transactions.ObjectId = 45797 AND Transactions.ObjectType = ‘RT::Ticket’;

I think I could just DELETE FROM the above tables with the above WHERE clauses. But before I go down this route, I was hoping someone could comment on rt-shredder’s ability to handle the above. I believe what I need to add is “Set($DependenciesLimit, 20000);” to and run rt-shredder --plugin “Tickets=query,id = 45797;limit,20000” (the ;limit,20000 might not be needed.) I’d much prefer to use the appropriate tool than manually manipulate the database.

Thank you,
Paul Hirose