Delete Attachment or Ticket, remove confidential information

RT 3.4.5

Gentoo (2.6.14-gentoo-r5)

I’ve searched the wiki and the RT essentials book to no avail… I need
to delete a ticket, or remove a (confidential) attachment that was
included in a ticket. According to the wiki, I need "delete ticket"
permission either in my group or my user. I am a member of “SuperUser”
(among other groups) and I am “JaneDoe” user.

Configuration - Global - GroupRights - SuperUser - Delete Ticket

Configuration - Global - UserRights - JaneDoe - Delete Ticket

Configuration - Queues - MYQueue- GroupRights - Delete Ticket

Configuration - Queues - Myqueue - UserRights - JaneDoe - Delete Ticket

I am the owner of the ticket. I’ve logged in and out of RT several
times after making permission changes. When I access the ticket and
click “Reply” or “Resolve” or “comment” and access the Status combo box-
there is no entry for “delete”.

I’m at a loss, what am I missing?

Alternately, if I cannot delete the ticket, is there a way to delete the
attachment? I found no references to this in the wiki or documentation -
is this possible?


Jennifer Seymour

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I don’t know the answer myself, but you may be able to shred that
particular transaction with RTx-Shredder.

Seymour, Jennifer wrote: