Default values for Queue Custom Fields

I’ve just been adding a “Select One Value” drop down custom field for queues in one of our test systems (an RT 5.0.1 install). I’ve just noticed that there isn’t the facility to select a default value when the CF is applied to queues. However if I apply the CF to tickets, I get the usual default value selection appear. Selecting a default value, and then changing the CF back to being applied to queues makes the default option disappear again.

Is there a reason why queues shouldn’t have a default value for a multi-value CF, and if not, is this a bug that other RT 5.0.1 users can see (rather than something unexpected I’ve done to this RT install)? If it is a bug others have got, I’ll report it via the normal mechanism.

I’m seeing the same behaviour that you describe. Tested on a 5.0.1 test bed.

Thanks Andrew - I’ve popped in a bug report.