Default search format

I discovered $DefaultSearchResultFormat
in This is pretty cool,
letting me customize a default search format.

But I can’t find any docs for how this works.
So far my guesses are panning out, and I’ve
tried to read the code in Elements/TicketList.

But I can’t figure out how to specify Order and OrderBy
in $DefaultSearchResultFormat.

I understand how to make a URL to specify this,
but $DefaultSearchResultFormat is a little different.

I would have guessed something like:


But the code doesn’t seem to support that.
Is this possible? I’m working with RT 3.2.0.
If not, I’d consider making a patch, but there are
some design considerations that I don’t think I
should be making alone. (E.g. What if /ORDER is
specified for multiple columns – can we or should
we accomodate that? If we want to specify ROWS,
that’s not an attribute of any one column, so we’d
need a pseudo-column [or other hack]. And, there
may be interactions with other parts of RT, like the
Query Builder.)