Default queue in creation ticket Self-Service area

RT 5.0.3

Hi, when an unprivileged user create a ticket in the Self-Service Dashboard it appears a list of possible queue:



I would like that it appears the ticket creation page with a dropdown menu for the queue (and “Assistenza” as default… is it possibile?



I don’t think you can change this with a simple config option.

You’d need to make a local Mason element that was a combination of the functionality of /SelfService/CreateTicketInQueue.html and /SelfService/Create.html, and then point the hyperlink from the menu tab to that page rather than /SelfService/CreateTicketInQueue.html . Of course if you called your local one CreateTicketInQueue.html that would remove the last part of that (as the hyperlink would use the local version rather than the RT supplied one).

I also came to this conclusion, but I think it’s too complex for my abilities, I’ll do some tests…
Maybe it’s easier to create a custom field to choose between the 2 queues

Thank you