Dealing with replies with quoted text via an email link

First off… thanks for a great tool. It’s helped us out tremendously.

OK… here we go. In an effort to keep all the quoted text in replies
out of our DB and keep the tickets a bit more readable, I’ve been
playing with adding a link to comments that would allow a single click
to create a new, empty, email back to the queue with the correct subject
so it gets added to the correct ticket.

I’ve come close, but am having issues getting it to work in a variety of
email clients. Seems not all email clients parse “%20” correctly, or
continue to parse where a variable has been inserted. Is there another
way I can get the complete TicketID with the system name intact? For
example, [BCSH #100], versus just the TicketID of 100 with a
combination of “%20”'s. Here’s what I have so far… they work to
limited success. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

{$Transaction->Subject || $Ticket->Subject || “(No subject given)”}"

or since most email clients auto-hyperlink email addresses anyway:


One other issue is that, if you don’t include some other text in the
subject along with the TicketID string, like that second example, you
get a blank subject back on all the other outbound tickets, versus the
original ticket subject. Anyway, to force the subject of all outbound
emails to use the original ticket subject versus whatever the subject of
the email was that was sent in?

Thanks again,

Steffan Vigano
Booth Creek Ski Holdings
Information Technologies