Dealing with autocompletion failures in msg compose byremote users

So, one “nice” feature of RT is that messages go out as being
from, e.g.

“Joe Blow via RT”

Unfortunately, we’ve been getting several cases of a user who
has recieved RT correspondence having their e-mail client
autocomplete “Joe Blow” into the RT address, rather than true
address of “Joe Blow” (ldap lookup or personal address book,
etc). (I’m sure they get a list, but probably blindly accept
the first match)

Users are such a pain. Have you tried to twiddle in

By default, RT sets the outgoing mail’s “From:” header to

“SenderName via RT”. Setting this option to 0 disables it.

Set($UseFriendlyFromLine , 1);

sprintf() format of the friendly ‘From:’ header; its arguments

are SenderName and SenderEmailAddress.

Set($FriendlyFromLineFormat , “”%s via RT" <%s>");

Maybe if you put ‘RT on behalf of %s’ then their mail clients wouldn’t
get so confused?