DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.80, Postgres and RT 2.1.somethingorother

I’ve just uploaded DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.80 to CPAN. It abstracts the
"LIMIT" section of the SQL SELECT clauses out into handle-specific
functions. And I’ve implemented what appears to be a spec-compliant version for
Postgres (in addition to the existing search paging function on mysql)

This means that search paging should now work properly on postgres.
However, due to another search bug fix, RT 2.1.84 (Aegis change 280)
forward require the new SearchBuilder. I’m going to give the new
SearchBuilder a day or so to propagate to mirrors before I cut the next
RT release. In that time, I’m hoping to work through a number of other
issues, to get us closer to an RC.


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