DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.34 and RT 1.3.79

DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.34 includes a workaround for the
problem that folks have been seeing with DBD::Mysql not returning row IDs.

RT 1.3.79 has a couple minor bug fixes and doc updates and fixes
an issue with the mail gateway barfing on being unable to create user

2001-05-23 12:07 jesse

* Makefile:

Bumped version to 1.3.79.

2001-05-23 12:06 jesse

* README, tools/testdeps:

Added dependecy on DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.34

2001-05-23 11:43 jesse

* bin/: rt-mailgate, webmux.pl:

Made sure that the webui always writes sessions to disk
Fixed a typo in the mail gateway.

2001-05-23 00:09 jesse

* Makefile, bin/rt-mailgate:

Added a bit of code to rt-mailgate to deal with not properly loading users on
ticket creation.

2001-05-22 23:01 jesse

* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

Within Ticket->Create, always get a Queue object as SystemUser for like, defaults and stuff.

2001-05-21 18:12 jesse

* etc/config.pm:

Added comments from Feargal about how to configure RT for http urls.

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