Date-related warnings in RT log

I don’t know whether this is a problem with my installation or if it’s a
well-known glitch, but I get a bunch of these warnings in my RT log. They
generally come when I do a bulk delete of tickets from a queue (once per
ticket), but they show up at other times as well.

Here is the warning message:
[warning]: Use of uninitialized value in string ne at
/opt/local/lib/RT/Interface/ line 1481.

And this is the code that is referenced in the warning:
#If it’s something other than just whitespace
if ( $ARGSRef->{ $field . ‘_Date’ } ne ‘’ ) {

I also see these debug messages whenever I display the “Home” page in RT:
[Thu Apr 19 18:05:31 2007] [debug]: RT::Date used date::parse to make
1970-01-01 28800 (/opt/local/lib/RT/

The debug messages might be related to the warnings, but I’m not good
enough at decoding someone else’s perl to be able to tell. I’m not even
that good at decoding my own perl code sometimes!


Gene LeDuc, GSEC
Security Analyst
San Diego State University