Date::Parse issue causing auth cookies to expire - constant login request


I’m having trouble with a fresh install of Request Tracker 3.6.3 on a
Gentoo system. The install seems to be all up and running using FastCGI
(Not FCGID) and accepts the inital login of the root user. However the
instant you try and click anything from the menus it immediatly drops
you back to the login box. Once re-authenticated you reach your
desination but every click results in a login box first. As I
understand it the inbuilt authentication system is cookie based and have
discovered this problem in a log file:

Jan 15 21:01:17 hostname RT: Successful login for root from
Jan 15 21:01:17 hostname RT: RT::Date used date::parse to make
1970-01-01 -28800

So, from what I’m gathering the cookies are being set with a date way in
the past resulting in every click checking the cookie to see if its
still valid, finding an expiry date way in the past and requiring a new
cookie to be set through authentication. So I think the problem is
either in RT::Date or date::parse. Timezones are configured on the host
system and in RT’s own configuration files. I have recompiled/checked
the latest version of date::parse from TimeDate-1.16.tar.gz and checked
both site_perl and vendor_perl Date modules matched.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this working. Is there a
glitch in the latest version of this module that I am unaware of?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.


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