Date formatting

Wondering if RT has this functionality and I missed it somewhere. If it does
not, it may be useful for some that want more control over the formatting of
the date. Then from templates, or where ever you want to print the date, can
use something like

passing it the format string you want the date output in TEMPLATE. Create
the string using any of the allowable format parameters from Date::Format,
there is quite a few.

eg. In a template can have something like:
On {$Ticket->CreatedObj->DateFormat("%B %e, %Y")} your machine was detected
to have unauthorized software.
would result in:
On July 16, 2004 your machine was detected to have unauthorized software.

Perhaps this could be added to base RT if not there in 3.2.1?

Created the file: /opt/rt3/local/lib/

use Date::Format;

sub DateFormat {
my $self = shift;
my $template = shift;
return ($self->loc(“Not set”)) if ($self->Unix <= 0);

return (time2str($template,$self->Unix));



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