Database upgrade permissions

Hi all,

I’m about to perform an upgrade on an old RT instance (3.8.7) in the hopes of moving to 5.0.0

Essentially, I’m on a new host with a fresh install of RT 5.0.0 but without an initialised DB.

I’ve had the DBA’s at work clone the database to a dev instance and my plan is to point the rt-setup-database script at this dev copy and give it a try (using the args “–action upgrade --prompt-for-dba-password”).

Noting those args, I see looking inside the scripts that using the upgrade function there is no option to “not use DBA” and I won’t be given DBA privileges, but rather user privileges to everything in the existing RT database (we’re talking oracle here).

Is this merely a programmatic oversight and in-fact it will “just work” without DBA privs (but proving the user creds when prompted), or will things actually fail without true DBA privs?

Everything moves slow here and if I bugger this up, it’ll no doubt be 2 weeks before I get another copy to try again with, so thus why I’m reaching out in the first instance.

Help, info and advice would be really appreciated.


So the database does exist already or do you only have a sql dump? You need create/drop rights I believe

Database already exists, exact working mirror of the 3.8.7 installation.

Anyone able to shed any further light on this one?

You can try running the upgrade and setting the “dba” user to whichever user you are able to connect to:

sbin/rt-setup-database --action upgrade --prompt-for-dba-password --dba some_user

So long as your user has the necessary rights I don’t see why the upgrade would fail. They need to be able to edit/drop/add tables, since the database already exists you may be able to get around the create/drop database rights

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That’s pretty much exactly what I was after… now I’m just fighting SID issues…
Do you know, does RT looks for a TNS names entry on the local Oracle install? (vanilla instant client).

Reason is I cannot get past:

DBI connect('sid=SOMETHING;host=myhost.mydomain;port=1521','RT',...) failed: ORA-12505: TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor (DBD ERROR: OCIServerAttach)

That SID exists on the db at myhost, but its almost like the client is falling over without even trying to connect.