Dashboard not sent ? > Resolved

Thanks Gerard that works !

I skipped the step in the README when installing the sytem as it wasn’t
needed as a start.
Thought i couldn’t find revelant help in the mail archives until i added
the “cron” keyword following your email.

And the results are displayed corectly within Lotus Notes.


Hi Raphael

did you add something like

0  * * * * /opt/rt3/sbin/rt-email-dashboards

in a crontab ?



i have my RT3.8.8 running correctly on a Mandriva 10 machine, with
mail sent through smtp working on tickets updates with scrips.

I have subscribed to a dashboard who is using a saved search (with
visible results), But i never receive the email.

whenever i change my subscription settings, i have the result yellow
box showing something like
/"Contenu chang?(e) de



Q291bnRlchcGTW9uZGF5AAAAA0Rvdw== ’ ?



b3VudGVyFwZNb25kYXkAAAADRG93 "/

Something i’m not sure is really correct…

i tried both leaving the “To:” field empty tu use my default adress
mentioned, and filling it again with my email adress. None of them

and nothing is showing in RT (debug mode) or sendmail logs… can
anyone give me a hint ?

" Ce courriel et les documents qui lui sont joints peuvent contenir des
informations confidentielles ou ayant un caract�re priv�. S’ils ne vous sont
pas destin�s, nous vous signalons qu’il est strictement interdit de les
divulguer, de les reproduire ou d’en utiliser de quelque mani�re que ce
soit le contenu. Si ce message vous a �t� transmis par erreur, merci d’en
informer l’exp�diteur et de supprimer imm�diatement de votre syst�me
informatique ce courriel ainsi que tous les documents qui y sont attach�s."

" This e-mail and any attached documents may contain confidential or
proprietary information. If you are not the intended recipient, you are
notified that any dissemination, copying of this e-mail and any attachments
thereto or use of their contents by any means whatsoever is strictly
prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please advise the
sender immediately and delete this e-mail and all attached documents
from your computer system."