Cyber security software?

We are a small firm providing healthcare IT solutions to hospitals and small clinics.
It has been a year since we launched our organization. And ever since then, we have used RT software. As a small firm with a few employees, w were using our database to store data. We handle confidential public bio information daily, so security is the most priority. We were using ERP Software which was also good for keeping data more secure. However, reports claim that pishing and data loss is increasing day by day. As part of this, our startup Counsell conducted a webinar on cybersecurity services. Two of my colleagues and I represented our firm at the video conference. Ever since then I feel, we require more security in our organization. We started our business working for a small clinic. But now we have three more clients. So do you think we need any dedicated software to ensure data security? If there is any please suggest some budget-friendly software.

Security is as much about awareness and processes as it is about software. Even the best written bit of software can be compromised if you have someone social engineer an attack over the phone or a member of staff falls prey to a phishing scam.

Having said that, you might want to consider some things for your RT setup. For example do you get your clients using the web interface, or do they just interact via email? If its the latter and you host RT on your own server, have your RT web interface only accessible behind your firewall/VPN, so that a whole attack surface is removed from Internet visibility. A decent firewall, VPN and regular updates are probably the best software investments you can make.

Also make sure that you have regular backups taken, some stored securely off site and that they are checked every so often (restore onto another machine for example to make sure you can access them). If the worst did happen and your database got trashed, at least you could go back in time to before the incident.

Actually, users always respect those companies who care about security.

I totally agree with GreenJimll. I’ve been both a user and an app dev, and it actually feels so nice when you know that the phone and the app you’re using are 100% secure. The only thing I’d add is that conducting penetration testing is necessary. If you want to develop reliable cyber security software, you’d better make sure it’s secure before integrating it. Anyway, keep us updated on your software. I’d really like to see what you’ve come up with since then. Waiting for your reply!