Customized ticket subject line

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to find a way to get a ticket subject which is muxed together
from three custom fields on Ticket/Create.html. I’ll try to explain. Right
now I fill out the subject line as “Problem - Product - Customer”. i.e.
“Error 23 - Widget2000 - John Doe”.

What I’d like to have is instead of the subject line, that I have three
other fields labeled “Problem”, “Product”, and “Customer”. The contents of
these three fields would be mixed together to create the ticket’s subject.

Unfortunately, my perl/HTML scripting skills are rather crude, so my
attempts so far to implement this have meet with dismal failure. I can
create the fields I need in the HTML, but I have no idea how to properly
script it so the contents of the said fields become the subject line.

A very simple (and wrong) idea to illustrate would be:
$Subject = “$Problem - $Product - $Customer”

If anyone could provide an pointer/example on how to accomplish this, It’d
be appreciated.

I’m running RT version 2.0.15 on RedHat 8

Thank you