Customization based on username


We would like to have quote in the reply based on the user, so the only way I found to remove the quote is by comment the following in MessageBox:

if ( $QuoteTransaction ) {
my $transaction = RT::Transaction->new( $session{‘CurrentUser’} );
$transaction->Load( $QuoteTransaction );
$message = $transaction->Content( Quote => 1, Type => $Type );

I’m not familiar to perl so is possible to enable this block only for a set of users?

You can wrap it in another If block:

if ( grep { $_ eq $session{'CurrentUser'}->Name } ('userr_one', 'user_two') ) {...}

Hi, thanks for the response. I will apply it however I noticed that now ( we migrated from rt4.4.4 to rt5.0.1) the quote is not done properly. Do you know if this is expected?

The quoting is incorrect?

When we tap on reply, we see the content of the message we are replying in one line, I’m attaching an example

This commit might be the fix ( It is in 5.0.2 ):

5.0.2 seems to fix the issue.

Your if block looks to be the solution. Just to be precise, can you replace the email addresses with usernames? because with email addresses it does not work, so it may confuse other people that will read here.

Thank you