Customising rt2-rt3 conversion tools


I’m having major problems with converting my RT2 server to rt3, the main
problem seems to be my RT2 database is just way too big, I’ve got about
140,000 Users, over 600,000 Tickets, and a couple of million Transactions.
Given that the import script (and export) seems to load all the users into
a hash, my perl process for this is getting huge, too large for the machine
to handle.
I’ve managed to get things happening a bit by only exporting privileged
users and doing blocks of tickets at a time (say 10,000 Tickets at a time),
which seemed ok to start with by now i’ve noticed that if the import script
can’t match the user in its usermap hash it sets it to the default (being
RT_System), not very good. Has anyone handled conversion of this size? Have
tips for how to do very large conversion like this? or anyone altered the
import script so that user creation is a bit more dynamic?

(btw, i’ve sent this to devel, as I expect this is going to require a
bit of hacking of the import script)

Matthew Watson,
Netspace Online Systems.