: Customisable user name display

This is a simple patch against about 40 files. It seems to me that this
functionality is rather important for companies where usernames are like
"bgh234543253" or whatever, perhaps because they’ve been pulled from
LDAP. This makes it really hard to see who did what easily. So, there is
a new config variable “DisplayNames” which you can set to display just
the username (default, same as it does now), the real name, or both. I
had to go through the code and find the places where the username is
displayed and put in a call to a function which checks the variable
first. I’ve tested it quite a bit and it seems fine. Patches are
included for the initial RT data for a fresh install (need to patch some
templates and scrips) and the RT_Config.pm input file.

Patch is against 3.6.3.

Philip Kime
NOPS Systems Architect
310 401 0407

DisplayName.tgz (8.85 KB)