CustomField values deleted upon update

A pretty strange problem with RT 3.4.3:

I have a custom field called ‘padding’, accepting a single numerical
value. When this value is set to 0, it gets deleted whenever I try to
update other ticket properties.

In fact, when I press either the ‘The Basics’ or the ‘Custom Fields’
tab, the “padding” field already appears empty if it had value 0 before
(shown properly when viewing ticket properties). If I then try to reset
the value to 0, the message I get is
"0 is no longer a value for custom field padding".
If I set the value to ’ 0’ (i.e. add a space before the digit 0),
everything behaves normally.

Any idea what’s wrong here and how I can correct this strange behaviour?


Tuvik Beker
Soligence Corporation