CustomField based on feature (Parent, child, grandchild)

We usually used customfield based on feature for many cases. There was only parent and child. But this time we used based on for not only parent and child. For example, we create three customfields, let’s say cf1, cf2 and cf3. cf1 is parent customfield. Cf2 is basesd on cf1. so, if we choose cf1, then we can choose cf2. If not, we cannot choose cf2. Till this step is OK. In UI, if we don’t choose cf1, cf2 is like nothing selected. it is ok, but if we don’t choose cf2, cf3 must be nothing selected. but it is not.

Please give me some info or advice for that we can use based on for 3 customfields or more. For me, it is ok with only 2 customfield based on.

Screenshot from 2023-07-04 09-52-44

I made customize event handler for this.