Customer view?

does RT support different views for customers and admins? i’m
currently looking to deply it in a moderate-sized environment
(with an eye towards a large-sized one in the near future),
but it’s a requirement that whatever we deploy be able to
segregate users, such that user A can’s see issues relating
to user B (assuming both are “external” users), but that all
"internal" users can see all issues.

this seems like it should be easy (from a DB point of view),
and is common in other systems, but i can’t seem to fina any
mention of it.

i don’t yet have a running rt system, but i’m working on an
install in another window this very moment.

any pointers, hints, or direct answers much appreciated.
Anthony Sorace
Director of Information Technology

uh, nevermind. i was missing a good chunk of the docs.
yup, it looks like it’s as expected. now if only i can
get the install done…