Custom Web Submission Form


I remember setting up RT and doing this some 15yrs+ ago. I finally had it with the tools in my current environment and setup the latest RT 4.2.2 and have AD auth configured and setup a queue and tested mail flow. So far so good…

Now I want to create a series of web forms with custom fields for ticket submission/creation, or one form which displays different custom fields based on a drop-down “type”. These tickets would all go into a single queue. All the users would have valid AD email addresses, but I don’t necessarily need them to login to RT. Actually it really doesn’t matter if the form is behind AD auth or not (with valid email).

Just looking for the simplest way to accomplish this. I didn’t have much luck searching the forums / googling. Can someone shove me in the right direction? Thanks.

Take a look at RT-Extension-FormTools.
It should give you enough rope to hang yourself. :slight_smile:
We’ve got about 20 or so SelfService forms set up using it.
I’m going to have to revisit them given what we’ve learned about RT UI internals in the last while.