Custom User information


I have tried adding a custom user information field into the user profile.
Adding in the field in mysql is simple, however when modifying the
Admin/Users/Modify.html to allow for that field to be populated, I get the
following message:

RT Error
the calling component did not specify why

Here’s what I have added in:

1 -

<&|/l&>Employee ID: <&|/l&>(required)

2 -

If we have a user to modify, lets try.

if ($UserObj->Id) {

my @fields = qw(Name EmployeeID Comments Signature EmailAddress

Organization RealName NickName Lang EmailEncoding
ExternalContactInfoId ContactInfoSystem Gecos
AuthSystem HomePhone WorkPhone MobilePhone PagerPhone
Address2 City State Zip Country

3 -

$EmployeeID => undef

The field in MySQL is defined as VarChar(200) with null allowed.

Any ideas?


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