Custom Scrip/Template when changing ownership

Hi fellow RT ppl,

Currently I have a custom scrip/template setup to email a requestor when
taking ownership of a ticket which works very nicely. Recently we’ve
discovered when manually changing an owner of ticket you own to someone
else on the team the requestor will be emailed using the same template.
This is to be expected as the owner of the ticket has been changed; the
only issue with this that the scrip/template assumes the person who last
updated the ticket is its owner which is this case it isn’t anymore.

I’d like to create a new scrip/template so when shuffling tickets around
to another team member an email will go out to all team members and
requestor indicating the switch of ownership. I suspect I’d also need to
change the way my current scrip/template is working to avoid double
emails going out.

Would anyone already have done something similar?

Garith Dugmore
Senior Systems Administrator
South African Astronomical Observatory
and Southern African Large Telescope

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