Custom Scrip and Send Notification

Hi I’m new to RT and looking to implement the following functionality.
Any help would be appreciated!

When a user sets a custom field value to a particular value, I wish to
add an AdminCC to the ticket and then send a notification to the AdminCC
group. I currently have the add the AdminCC part working with the code
below, but I cannot figure out how then to instruct RT to then send a
notification to the group.

Description: My Custom Scrip
Condition: User Defined
Action: User Defined

Custom condition: if (($self->TransactionObj->Type eq “CustomField”) and
($self->TransactionObj->NewValue eq
"Enhancement")) {
} else {

Custom action preparation code: return 1;

Custom action cleanup code: my $admincclist = $self->TicketObj->AdminCc;
my $user =