Custom Role for Approval Mechanism

Hi Everybody,
Problem statement:

In our organization, out of the 20 queues, few queues need the approval
mechanism. Approvals are required for specific tickets in the queue, based
on scenarios decided by the staff member of the queue. So approvers are not
added at the time of ticket creation. Example: the travel queue ticket needs
approval from the requestors’ manager only when the travelling cost is high.

We are taking the following approach, would invite suggestions, enhancement
and problems(if any) with this approach1.We are adding a new CustomRole
called Approver(multiple values) to each of the queues. 2.The queue staff
adds the approver, if necessary, in the people’s page after the ticket is
created3. A scrip to add ticket in the approval queue whenever an approver
is added.

We are handling 3 scenarios:

  1. Single approver: Once the approver is added,in the user field, an
    approval ticket is created and assigned to the approver.
  2. Multiple approvers(need approval from all of them). Similar to step 1.
    add Multiple approvers and that many approval tickets are created, with each
    approver being the owner of the ticket.
  3. Multiple approvers(approval from any one will do). We have assumed, if
    approval from any one will do , they should belong to a particular group,
    and have equal say in matters. So we add them in the group field. In the
    scrips the logic is, if the approver is a group, then all the members of the
    group are added as the AdminCc of the single approval ticket created and any
    one can approve and close that ticket.
    Please suggest pros and cons of this approach.

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