Custom queue and adding Ccs

I discovered the following problem. I created a custom queue and everything seemed like it is working as intended. The problem is that if I try to add Cc (both one time Ccs and ticket Ccs) the RT just ignores them. Has anyone seen this issue before? What could be the cause?


When you say ignores the Ccs, do you mean they don’t get emails? Have you applied the right scrips to the queue? If so, do your RT logs show any errors?

After writing the addresses into One-Time-CCs RT does not add them to the list of recipients. It works in the other queues (default and custom queues). I am still trying to find something in the logs, no luck yet.

could this be a rights issue, did you for example give “Everyone” in the General queue the right to “watch” and did not do this for the new custom queue?

I did not set rights per queue but per user groups, they should behave in the same way.

If you need to find more things in logs, try switch on the debugging mode in
Set($LogToFile , 'debug');. If you have not modify the log file location, you should find the log in /opt/rt4/var/log/rt.log then. Possibilities of such behave when rights are OK: missing (or wrongly set) scrips for the queue, missing templates for the scrips (for example local queue template used for global scrip), customized
What happens when you add the user to the watchers group?

Well I in fact use custom, but unfortunately I have the same problem even while using the original one.

The problem persists even after adding users to watchers group.

OK. And what do you see in rt.log with debugging on. Does RT try to use some scrip for queue watchers or not?

Problem solved, dumb mistake on my part. I thought action “Notify Ccs” covers both ticket Ccs and onetime Ccs. After observing the source code I noticed it is necessary to use “Notify other recipients” action.