Custom Priority Change


I’m having some issues with trying to write a custom scrip to notify AdminCcs when priority changes are made.
I’ve done research on google, the wiki and forum to no avail.

I have a cron job that runs daily to escalate the priority level of a ticket.
What I want to do is when a tickets priority level is between 75 and 95 the user and adminccs are notified of the current status of the ticket.
Once the ticket reaches above 95 on the priority level, the ticket is moved to an escalation queue the adminccs are notified.

The escalation process works along with other functions based on the cron job but I cannot get the notification to work based on the priority level.

I’m wanting to do

Condition: On Priority Change
Action: User Defined

If ($self->TicketObj->Priority > 75 && $self->TicketObj->Priority < 95) {
## notify adminccs and owner
Return 1;
Else {
Return 0;

Thanks in advance,

Steve Cooke
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