Custom Info on Display screen

I am hoping to edit the info that appears on the Display screen for tickets. There are some modules that appear on that page that we do not use, such as “Reminders”, and “Links”, is it possible to customize what appears on this screen?

The second part of this is that I would like to add a custom module, that displays a block of text based on the queue the ticket is a part of. It would basically be something that shows different contact numbers as well as hours they could be reached at, but it’s important to have front and center.

Can anyone help me get started in where to make these changes and add this functionality?

For the reminders bit there is a config value you can set to disable them:

For hiding the Links section you could do an overlay of Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary or writing some JS code to hide the portlet.

There is the documentation for writing custom extensions:

You’d want to use a callback from the ticket display page to add your custom portlet.

Thank you very much. I got the reminder disabled and I will have to start looking into writing custom extensions. I appreciate the help!

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