Custom Fields on Ticket Transaction

I am sorry if this has already been discussed, I was not able to find
information on this issue:

I have 5 custom fields that are for “Ticket Transactions” used on 4 queues
that I have setup, what I am trying to do is the following:
When a ticket is resolved (Transaction) I update these custom fields with
values such as labor description, materials used and more. I click on Update
Ticket or Save Changes or Resolve. The custom fields do not take what I just
typed, on the history link I get all the custom fields with a “* No
Value” on all of them. It is like I did not type anything on them…

Any help would be appreciated…


P.S. I am assuming that when you create a custom field that applies to
Ticket Transaction they will only be updated when a Ticket Transaction
occurs, defining Transaction such as updating, taking, replying or resolving
a ticket… Please correct me, if I’m wrong…

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