Custom fields, multiple fileds depending on each other


Is it possible to create multiple fields (select one value) where all depands on each other.

Like if in first field is selected something then in second field will be displayed only the options that relate with value on the first field.

thank you

Yes, see the ‘Categories are based on’ option when editing/creating a custom field of type ‘Select one/multiple values’

Perfect. I see now. Just one thing, I have select one value. Now I can see that I can only map one to one, not one to many.

Is there also option for one to many?

If you had a custom field of ‘State’ and wanted to map it to many cities you would:

  1. Create CF State with some values
  2. Then create CF city where the based on category is state
  3. Each value of city should map to a value of state

Thank you! I need to have multiple same Cities so that I can mape them do different State (in real world you can not do that with exp stat and city :slight_smile: )

The original use case for categories didn’t support duplicated values, so that behavior is “undefined”. It could be a new feature in the future though to support duplicated values.


I have one issue regarding this and I do not know how to solve.

This is working:

If I add another raw with name Name “Other”, Discription “Other” and with category “Lan cut”, only this one will be displayed. TestCategroy4 and 3 will not be displayed.

This is just an exp as I have filed like this with a lot of data and it is not presented correctly by RT.

thank you!

Can you confirm which version of RT you are currently running?

Do you have any duplicate values for the custom field that is based on the parent custom field? As I mentioned previously the categories feature doesn’t support duplicate values which could be causing the strange behavior.


RT is running on: »|« RT 4.4.1-3+deb9u3 (Debian) Copyright 1996-2016 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.

Yes I am having duplicate values for CFs that have different parents. OK, so I guess it is working for some values but not all. Is there quick fix in code for this maybe or any other solution that I could use for this?