Custom fields grouping not working


i’m using RT5, everything works normaly, except that,
i’ve been trying to created groups for custom fields but it’s seems it’s not working.
This is the code i use in
‘RT::Ticket’ => [
‘Basics’ => [‘testeCF’, ‘teste2CF’],
I’ve tried several names for the group name/field name. None of them seem to work.
No errors in log file.
Any ideias what it can be ?


My guess is the config is being overridden by the web based config editor, maybe something in the logs calls that out? If you go to Admin->Tools->System Configuration->Edit do you see something defined under “web interface” → “base configuration” → “Custom field groupings”?

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Hello knation, yes under web interface there is the code i’ve writen and the code for RTIR
“RT::Ticket” : [
“RTIR::Ticket” : [
“How Reported”,
“Reporter Type”,
“Where Blocked”

There is no output in logs regard this problem


If you have this problem and RTIR installed, insted of ‘RT::Ticket’ use ‘RTIR::Ticket’

Thanks knation for pointing me in the wright direction !!