Custom fields and RT's index page

Having a small problem with what I’m sure is an easy answer.
I’m running RT 3.0.2, Apache 1.3.27, mod_perl (whatever the latest
non-beta is), mysql 4.0.x.
What I’m trying to do is add a custom field value to the main page
ticket listings, and I just don’t have the hang of the perl / mason
stuff to get it right. The two files I need to modify are
Elements/MyRequests and Elements/MyTickets. Basically, on the main page
where it currently says “# Subject Queue Status” I want to add a custom
field value, Client, to it so it says “# Subject Client Queue Status”.
I can get the “Client” in the top just fine but it’s the coding to
actually get the right field info in there that I don’t have a clue on.
Can someone provide me with the correct statement that I’d use? I’m
pulling from the first custom field, for what it’s worth.


Kyle Robinson