Custom Field Validation Part 2

Hi Everyone,

After reading through the code for Self Service Tickets, I have
determined that Custom Field Validation was never incorporated within
the code. I was under the impression that a Self Service created Ticket
made calls to the code in the html/Ticket subdirectory, but it does not.
I know RT is a very complex product, but it would be nice if this little
issue can be taken care of soon, for consistency purposes. In its’
present form, this omission could be very confusing to ticket creators
and those who service tickets. Again, this issue is relevant to 3.6.0
and 3.6.1.

Take care!


PS By the way, for those who use Asset Tracker (v1.2.3 the current
release), at present Custom Field Validation is also not implemented.

Nick Metrowsky

Consulting System Administrator

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303-684-4100 Fax

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