Custom field sort order jumbled

Hi All,

I have an odd problem with where custom field sort
order gets muddled up .

We have a dev environment running RHEL 3.4.4, RT
v3.4.5 on fast cgi, connected to a postgres database
8.0.3. On this dev environment we made all required
changes to the RT instance, including changes to the
sort order of the custom fields.

We back-up the dev database and restored it into a
different database also running postgres 8.0.3. This
new database is connected to by our UAT environment
which is the same as our dev environment with the
exception that UAT is running under mod_perl. However
when we try to create or modify a ticket in the UAT RT
web interface the order of the customfields is
jumbled. This is despite the fact that the
customfields appear in the correct order in the Queue
administration page.

Can anybody suggest what might be causing this

Many thanks, Colm

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