Custom Field Permissions

There are some custom fields that basically apply to a good portion of
my queues like “Machine Affected.”

Let’s say I have 2 different groups of people that need to work with
tickets. Since their areas are so different, I create a queue for each
facility, and a group for each facility.

So I have “Queue A” and the people in “Group A” have full rights to that

Then I have “Queue B” and all the people in “Group B” have full rights
to that queue. They can’t see eachother’s queues and really have no
reason to.

So I create the “Machine Affected” custom field, and use it in both
Queue A and Queue B. I give both Group A and Group B the rights to see
and modify this custom field. Because each group can only work on its
own tickets, I would guess being able to modify the custom field in a
ticket that a person can not see wouldn’t matter.

Is there any inherent security problem in doing this? It seems silly for
me to make “A Machine Affected” and “B Machine Affected.” Can I safely
use the same custom field in this situation?

Hi All,

If I grant a group, permission to modify custom fields in a queue then the
restrictions for the same group on a specific custom filed is ignored. Is
there any way I make RT to honor the custom field permissions irrespective
of what queue permissions are?

Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Satyajeet Singh