Custom Field Lookup linked variables


I just got this task to explore RTIR as a possible ticketing solution for my company.
I want to use the “Link values to” integration to display all tickets with lets say username: abc and customer: xy and I don’t want to display all existing tickets containing this username, ignoring the customer: xy. I.e. when i use the linked variable I only want a filtered search looking for username: abc for tickets affiliated to customer: xy.

Thanks in advance, appreciate all help

You’re looking to do a search on custom field values? Off the top of my head I don’t know which feature Link values to is for, do you have a link to the docs?

Lets say I have 10 observables and there is 1 (e.g. customer) which is the main dependency for the other 9 observables. So I get one unique observable and 9 non-unique ones.

What I want to is to have a hyperlink for some of the non-unique observables (which lists all tickets containing the exact value of the observable (e.g. IP adress)) which creates a query with respect to the unique observable.

So you have 10 ticket CFs and you want to create a query that uses the value from say one CF that accounts for some other CF on the ticket such as “IP”?

Yeah so in my case it would be that I have the CF ‘IP’ and CF ‘customer’. Customer has unique value and IP can be same for multiple customers. So I want to lookup all tickets matching CF ‘IP’ wrt. CF ‘customer’.

From the ticket display page or from somewhere like the homepage where you see a bunch of tickets?

A custom column map should be pretty easy to make:

You could write some custom code to display on the ticket for this link in a couple of ways actually if you’re comfortable with writing custom stuff