Custom Field Arrangement


We’re in the preliminary stages of setting up an RT database and
there appears to be some things missing. I was wondering whether I
should ask in one email or several. For the sake of not bothering
everyone it’s all in one. So here’s my questions.

  1. Is there anyway to just copy-paste items into a select multiple
    field? It seems inefficient to make me create a field each time. I
    want to have one text box that will tell which is a new field by the
    line break (I hope that’s not for the wishlist, but actually exists
    to an effect already).

  2. Are pulldown menus possible for custom fields? It seems that
    select one value should be a pulldown but it is a box. This takes up
    a lot of room and with the number of fields we need it is cumbersome.

  3. Is there anyway to have multiple custom fields associate with each-
    other. Example: software name> software price> number of copies.

  • The use of this to me would follow with the ability to create
    multiple copies of the same group of custom fields. Example: If they
    want to get another type of software I could possibly press a "+"
    button to create another group and enter the information. (I guess
    that isn’t a question though)
  1. CSS is not enabled at all? There appear to be questions that
    assume it did work or does work but it is on the wishlist. Is this
    something to sit tight about?

Sorry if some of the questions are stupid, I left out some others
that I saw a little of information on earlier.

Thanks for the help,

-Nathan Van Fleet
Helpline Coordinator
848-2424 Xt.8677