Custom dashboard based on user

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I wasn’t able to find any info on this on the forum.

Is it possible to have one dashboard but data displayed is dependant on who logins into RT? e.g. If John logs in the search filters would change owner to ‘John’, and if Tom logs in then filters would change and show his data.

Thank you in advance for any help.

You can ‘CurrentUser’ in your searches, ie Owner = '__CurrentUser__'

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Thank you so much!!!

Is there a document available listing the different parameters which can be used in searches?

You can read here for some more information, there isn’t an exact list of parameters that can be searched. The main three would be ‘CurrentUser’, ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’:

You can also do relative dates like Created > '1 week ago', Created > '3 days ago', Created > '30 hours ago'

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Note that since time is an increasing value and ‘1 week ago’ is the same as ‘now - 1 week’ that “Created > ‘1 week ago’” is equivalent to “Created after ‘1 week ago’”

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