Cronmail: 'word is too long to be indexed'

This is a fairly common cronmail annoyance
(with RT 4.2.8-3+deb8u1 (Debian)):

[6576] [Thu Aug 27 07:20:02 2015] [warning]: NOTICE: word is too long to be indexed
DETAIL: Words longer than 2047 characters are ignored. (/usr/sbin/rt-fulltext-indexer-4:376)

This message comes from PostgreSQL when full-text indexing is enabled.
The options for squelching it seem to be:

  1. Disable notices in the relevant queries: SET LOCAL client_min_messages TO WARNING
  2. Disable notices for the whole sesion: SET SESSION client_min_messages TO WARNING; (probably easier, given the layers of abstraction
  3. filter out this message (for example as in [1]), but this feels hacky.

I had a quick look at the built-in notices in PostgreSQL 9.4, and
couldn’t see anything else that was likely to come up and warrant being
logged, so option 2) looks plausible, and is a trivial patch to