Creating tickets, and running scrips

I install 5.0.3 a few weeks ago, and have been working in my copious free time to transfer our existing ticketing system data into RT. While I was doing that, I disabled all the scrips, just to prevent a bunch of noisy email going out.

No problem–my conversion works great, and my users love their first look at RT. Creating tickets works fine for the staff, as does editing, commenting, all the obvious things one might do.

So, today, I decided to get email working. Turned on scrip 7 (On Create Autoreply To Requestors), logged into my non-admin Staff account, and tried to create a ticket in the web interface, with myself as requestor. I got the email notification that a new ticket had been created, but then could not locate the ticket in RT. It sent email, but didn’t create the ticket.

I’ve turned file logging to “debug”, and the log shows the sending process, but does not have any info about problems creating the ticket–nada, it just disappeared into the ether.

Any ideas?

A little further digging in the DB showed that there is no transaction for the RT::Ticket Create action for those missing tickets, nor is there anything in the tickets table for those tickets. Something stopped it from creating after the email was sent…but what?


The best place to look will be the log file. The location will based on your installation, and may be syslog.

Yep, I turned logging up to debug, and got it going to a file. I’ve traced it down to certain $RT::Logger->info calls. Not all of them, just certain ones–comment them out, and things Just Work. I suspect some sort of problem with Log::Dispatch, maybe, since that’s what the RT logger actually is, or perhaps RT’s wrapper around it. Setting the logging level higher does not help; the ->info calls still at least start to happen, and that’s when things die off silently.